BOSW: Honorary award for Digitec founder

Best of Swiss Web, Europe's oldest web award, presents its 2015 Honorary Award to Digitec founders Marcel Dobler, Oliver Herren and Florian Teuteberg.

At the Best of Swiss Web Award Night on Thursday, March 26, 2015, in front of an audience of around 800 people at the Kongresshaus Zurich, not only will the best Internet and mobile projects in eleven categories be honored, but traditionally an honorary prize will also be awarded. This prize is awarded to personalities who have made a special contribution to the development of the Internet and the ICT industry, for example through fundamental developments in the technical field or through extraordinary achievements as entrepreneurs, politicians or researchers.


This year, the Honorary Award goes to Marcel Dobler, Oliver Herren and Florian Teuteberg, the three founders of Digitec. The Honorary Award Committee honors the three Digitec founders for their outstanding and innovative achievements in the Internet industry. With the foundation, the impressive build-up and the long-term securing of the most successful e-commerce start-up in Switzerland, they have set an entrepreneurial milestone in our country.


From its founding in April 2001 until the participation of Migros in 2012, set standards with its original e-commerce ideas, its broad assortment, and especially with its innovative and extremely user-friendly online store, for example with selection and personalization functions that were novel at the time. Today, continues to offer an attractive, broad and deep range of products with many innovations. Moreover, buying IT and consumer electronics is extremely convenient - in addition to high delivery readiness and good service, customers are also offered an excellent price/performance ratio.

Previous Best of Swiss Web honorary award winners include:

- 2007: Dr. Fulvio Caccia (former Director of ComCom )
- 2008: David Nüscheler (CTO Day)
- 2009: Christian Wanner (CEO LeShop)
- 2010: Robert Cailliau (co-inventor WWW, Cern)
- 2011: Marc Bürki and Paolo Buzzi (Founders Swissquote)
- 2012: Prof. em, Dr. Beat Schmid (Founder IWI, University of St. Gallen)
- 2013: Switch Foundation (including Prof. Dr. Bernhard Plattner)
- 2014: Bea Knecht (Co-founder Zattoo)


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