Evoq Labs creates microsite for Wacom

Wacom has commissioned Evoq Labs to design and create a microsite for Will (Wacom Ink Layer Language). The site is primarily aimed at developers and enables them to integrate Will into their applications.

The Wacom Ink Layer Language enables users to seamlessly use digital ink on any mobile device, regardless of operating system, and easily transfer between devices. The digital signature becomes a certification element, handwritten notes and drawings easily enter the digital world. You will find information about programming with WILL and answers to FAQs. After successful registration you can download the Software Development Kit and develop your own applications. The menu navigation icons have been specially designed for the Evoq Labs site and show in a playful way how ink can be used in the digital worldWill.wacom.com


Responsible at Wacom Technology Corporation:Bart de Bruijn (Global Product Marketing Manager ); Sebastian Zirnbauer (Global Brand Manager ).Responsible at Evoq Labs:Design and concept: Claudia Fetzer and Corinne Brunner (design and concept); Hans Kohla (icon design); project management, Oliver Weibel (project management, concept and programming).

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