Jim & Jim realizes TV and cinema spot for Lattesso

Jim & Jim has created a new TV and cinema commercial to promote the iced coffee drink Caffè Lattesso. This is currently running in all Kitag cinemas in German-speaking Switzerland as well as on ProSieben, RTL, kabel eins, SAT.1, Sixx, Comedy Central and Dmax.

The company recently launched the new coffee drink Caffè Lattesso Espresso, which has an Amaretti pastry in the lid - the ideal wake-up kiss to go with the espresso. Accordingly, the coffee drinker in the commercial has his Amaretti stolen by a pretty lady, but receives a kiss from her to wake up and start the day on a high note.


Responsible at Lattesso: Erich Kienle (overall responsibility), Karin Kägi (responsible for marketing). Responsible at Jim & Jim: Fabio Emch (overall management), Tobias Bonfanti (production management/concept). Responsible at Hillton: Tobias Bonfanti (director/editor), Pierre Castillo Bernad (cinematographer), Jan Wittrowski (lighting), Jingle Jungle (sound design).

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