Viscom environmental cookbook for the graphic arts industry

Around six years after the publication of the brochure "Environment and Sustainability", Viscom has taken up the topic again and published the comprehensive, but at the same time still very compact work "Environmental Cookbook for the Graphics Industry".

In contrast to the first brochure, which only provided an overview of the individual topics, the "Environmental Cookbook for the Graphic Arts Industry" , with its numerous references, overviews and practical tips, aims to enable graphic arts companies to take the areas of environment and sustainability into their own hands.

The "Environmental Cookbook for the Graphic Arts Industry" is divided into five chapters: Environmentally Relevant Areas of a Print Shop, Paper, Energy Efficiency, Climate-Neutral Printing, Environmental Management Systems. Readers learn about all of today's environmental labels and how an FSC certification process must be set up in the company. After reading this, they will know where it makes the most sense to implement energy efficiency measures, as well as how to save a lot of money with optimized electricity procurement. In addition, graphic companies will be given important arguments to better sell themselves and their industry to customers in terms of environmental and sustainability issues. Did you know, for example, that the European forest is increasing by four times the area of London every year, or that an iPad as a teaching aid has a lower environmental impact than printed textbooks only after the sixtieth textbook?

The "Environmental Cookbook for the Graphic Arts Industry" is aimed at company owners, business managers, those responsible for the environment and sustainability, but also anyone in the industry who is interested in the subject. It is a compact standard work that has not previously existed in this form in Switzerland and, according to the press release, belongs in every graphic arts company.


"Viscom Environmental Cookbook for the Graphics Industry".
Publishing House Viscom, Bern, ISBN 978-3-9523482-5-3
Selling price 65 francs (Viscom members 52 francs)
78 pages, wire-o-bound; available at and in bookstores.

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