m&k issue 12/2022

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  • The fault in the system: Philosophy star Prof. Markus Gabriel on the "stacking crisis" of our present.
  • Tomorrow everything will be different: Times are changing rapidly. What does that mean for opinion research?
  • "We must win": CIA chief and U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on world situation and economy.
  • Out of the ivory tower: Johanna Gollnhofer's new column combines science and practice.


  • Stormy seas: Our ships in the storm - and no one on deck: A review by Béla Anda.
  • Say it simply: Publicis CEO Dr. Alexander Haldemann on the complexity of simple messages.
  • The experienced: Heidi Hauer wanted more, wanted different. Is everything better now?
  • Because enhancement works: Print is good, enhanced print (often) better: Kasimir Meyer in the company portrait.


  • Blood is thicker than water: one family, two worlds: Top chef Meta and advertiser Sarah Hiltebrand.
  • Will art save us?: Mega-curator Hans Ulrich Obrist on committed art and the power of synthesis.
  • There's a hitch somewhere: Does social storytelling deliver what was promised? No - and there are reasons for that.


  • "Now they're starting too!": That's why FC Bayern's media director Stefan Mennerich hardly sends any e-mails to the Südkurve.
  • "Swiss Effie" in pictures: Which advertising had the biggest impact in 2022? Thanks to the "Effies" we know!
  • What was, what is, what will be: Swiss journalism veteran:insideon movement in the industry.


  • Too good to be true?: Charlie Thannhäuser turns trash into hydrogen: Chronicle of a success story.
  • The future of mobility: Volvo COO Javier Varela on electric vehicles and the future of (his) industry.
  • The green time bomb: too much greenwashing, too little knowledge: The clock is ticking for communicators.

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  • The empire strikes back: The live industry was pronounced dead. Now it's coming back - with double the energy.


  • Association contributions: News from the control centers of our partners.


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