m&k issue 1-2/2022

Receive the German-language trade journal "m&k" in issue 1-2/2022 as a PDF download with the following table of contents:


  • The voice of power: top consultant Jennifer Palmieri on presidents, populism and communication.
  • The end of wastage? Personalized advertising is the trend. Who needs anything else?!
  • My house, my car, my NFT. Is the Metaverse the future - or a reverie from Silicon Valley?
  • Clearly "room for improvement": Many companies have problems with content management. But technology can help.


  • The last mass medium: outdoor advertising is in for an exciting year. We explain why.
  • Promotional products that make an impression: Boring gadgets were yesterday: these promotional products really score points.
  • "You just have to listen": The "young entrepreneurs" Yaël Meier and Jo Dietrich in a Gen-Z conversation.
  • The treasurer: Liza Engel, Chief People Officer of Deloitte Switzerland, in close-up.
  • Sustainable revolution: Sustainability is the new trend topic. What do companies need to pay attention to?


  • Rocket launch in the Krea sky: The CRK agency wins the Krea ranking. What sets the shooting stars apart?
  • Anyone can be creative. Can they? Advertising icon Dennis Lück on training your creative muscles.
  • The perfect mélange: Why creation and digitization should be thought of together.


  • The Guardian: Alan Rusbridger made the Guardian great. Now he's returning to the media.
  • Media in Transition: How Swiss Publishers are Trying to Establish New Businesses.


  • The "war of talents" continues: ... and those who use employer branding cleverly have a better chance.
  • Lifelong learning: The new year starts with further training for marketeers and communicators.


  • Association contributions: News from the control centers of our partner associations.


  • Making women's successes visible: GDW Founder Tijen Onaran's monthly column.
  • Column from Wenzel: The tbwa creative about "LFH" - Leading From Home.
  • Meeting Points: These are the places where Switzerland meets.
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