Issue 30/2008

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Book Marketing


Karl Lüönd: It is unbelievable with what impudence even the most important companies display their lack of thought, their need for concealment and their inner mendacity to the public when advertising jobs.

Adcom in Baar has been handling brand management for Swica for five years. In the new heart campaign, a lot of harmony in the image design is emphasized.

Rivella is now also available in yellow. Reinhold created what is probably the biggest campaign of the season for the launch of the new soy drink.

Wirz Werbung is entering its 11th year for the Mobiliar campaign with eight new subjects.

By Heart presents the label Paul Kehl for PKZ of a Mass campaign.

The new LGK has launched an environmentally friendly campaign for Bernmobil.


New logo, new campaign

The Basellandschaftliche Zeitung wants to mark presence.

As of 2009, Wemf also provides planning data for sponsors.

Will a glut of free lifestyle magazines follow the free newspapers?

Andreas Schmidt, CEO of PubliGroupe, in an interview.

The new broadcasting rhythm of "Gesundheit Sprechstunde" requires adjustments to the print magazine of the same name.

Head of the week

Markus Bircher is a strategist at the advertising agency By Heart and also - still today - managing director of Brandezza. This subsidiary develops psychological branding technology for practical use.


The advertising week at the relaunch apero of the advertising week, at the Springer-Hoffest, at the Plakanda-Fast, at the AZ-Cup and at the VSV anniversary boat trip.




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