Issue 22/2013

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The Werbewoche creative ranking


Karl Lüönd praises the book, Anne-Friederike Heinrich rebukes unwords and stupid words, and Theophil Butz has learned something at! Mottzen learned something

Impressions from the Eurobest European Advertising Festival in Lisbon. The advertising week was there

"As close as possible to the programme" is the recipe for success for the new special advertising formats on television.

How do customers think? When it comes to branding, you should by no means rely on consumers, thinks Nir Wegrzyn, CEO of the agency Brand Opus

After twenty years of creative work, the Bernese graphic designer and agency founder Simon Hofer looks back on what has been created.

Captain Crikey is a trend research office in England, on the road for numerous blue-chip brands. Owner Sean Pillot de Chenecey talks about trends in advertising and marketing in an interview with Werbewoche.

13 Questions for Thomas Wildberger, CCO, Publicis Communications Switzerland

For the launch campaign of Blick amabend. ch, Serranetga uses Listicles, the news platform. Serviceplan Suisse was commissioned by Swisscom to create a BTL campaign for SME solutions

Virgin "dances" its way to the attention of passengers

Most websites are still built with gut instinct, web analytics data and creativity. But that is not enough


The film recommendations of Werbe Weischer

After years of authorities delaying the approval of transport drones, politics is now stepping in - a preview of our year-end issue 2023


With his SLS Illusion & Construktion, Christoph Seiler turns ideas into reality and builds decorations for film, advertising, gastronomy and shop design.


Werbewoche was at the Humorfestival in Arosa and at the fireside chat of the VSV




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