Issue 13/2017

Receive the German-language trade magazine "werbewoche" in issue 13/2017 as a PDF download with the following table of contents:

To the point

Now there's something for your ears

Trademark sabotage

When the customer becomes the enemy

Cities as brands

From ugly duckling to port city

Swiss brands

Logos and their stories

13 Questions for ...

Swen Morath, Chief Creative Officer Y&R Group Switzerland

Head of the week

Graphic Designer Werner Jeker feels like a mediator


Topicality in the dog days - a European sample

Theophil Butz Learns Too Little While Mouthing

Online Marketing

What role is left for agencies in the advertising market?

New Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization

Eyes open when buying SEO

virtual reality

Marvel at the Northern Lights in Switzerland


What is actually ... user identification?


Networking as a top priority

Media Opinion

The holiday paradox

Style Radar

What if my counterpart has no manners?

CC symposium

"Leaping into the Future"

Limbic Communications

From the uncertain to the certain

Advertising investment

Seasonal factors influence only a few sectors in the Swiss advertising market

Reading tips



Swiss photographers

Leo Gesess

Noticed / Said

Cartoon / Last but not least

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