Issue 12/2007

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Page 7

Truth at second glance: By Heart shows for Facts that hard facts bring more than quick (pre-)judgments.

Page 8

Nails instead of dice For the first time, Swiss agencies also took part in the ADC Festival in Berlin. The yield is moderate to good.

Page 12

Gufken cure makes young The legendary Chirat cucumbers have returned to television rejuvenated thanks to JWT+H+F.

Page 21

Mach sobered Compared with Mach Basic 2006-1, 35 titles lost significant reading only 4 were able to gain.

Page 22

Families, be embraced With its relaunch, the Observer is increasingly targeting families.

Page 29

Thomas Landolt Ringier's new strong man on the crisis at Blick, his plans and his lessons from Romania.
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