Issue 10/2004

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Head of the week Pius Walker is back from the big wide world and founds a micro agency JobChange

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Column Karl Lüönd on Ringier's project for a new newspaper -for a demanding readership Editorial

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Advertising with animals Catching customers with paws and paws: Ragusa and Sibir campaigns enrich the zoo of advertising animals AdRating

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Advertising Research Subconscious memory plays a central role in the impact of advertising

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New Campaigns

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Radio advertising The new Opel Astra starts the advertising engine with a radio competition

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Bern area Radio BEI is looking for a partner and the Anzeiger Region Bern for a new concept Local newspapers The Willisauer Bote expands its area and launches a split edition in the Wiggertal valley

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Radiocontrol Finally a new territorial definition for local radio stations is coming, but the term salad remains

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Shortlist Beat Fritsch participated for Werbewoche at the Xaver-Awards in Zurich and at the Juniorcom in Davos

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Events Imprint

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Books & More Chandra Kurt's columns about swamp flowers of commercial communication are now tangible in book form
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