Triple reinforcement for the Handelszeitung editorial team

Handelszeitung receives three new additions: Peter Rohner from Finanz und Wirtschaft, Fabienne Kinzelmann from Blick and Michael Hotz from 84XO join the editorial team.

Joining the Handelszeitung editorial team: Peter Rohner, Fabienne Kinzelmann and Michael Hotz (from left to right). (Pictures: zVg.)

41-year-old Peter Rohner joins the company from Finance and economy to Handelszeitung and will become the new Chief Economist as of October. In this role, he succeeds Ralph Pöhner and will be responsible for macroeconomic topics as well as for the financial sector and market developments. An economist by training, he began his career in 2011 as an editor at Finance and economy; before moving into journalism, he worked for four years in asset management at Bank LGT. Born in Appenzell, he studied economics in Bern and Lund and has a CAS in data journalism.

Fabienne Kinzelmann, currently foreign editor at View and SonntagsBlick, assumes her new duties at the Handelszeitung in September and will henceforth follow international developments in politics and business for the readership. The 29-year-old has been working for the Blick Group since 2018, the last four years as foreign editor. In this role, she reported from the U.S., among other places, and was responsible for cross-channel planning of foreign topics. Kinzelmann holds an interdisciplinary master's degree in religion-economics-politics.

Michael Hotz, most recently Head of Digital at the Winterthur weekly newspaper 84XO, moves as online producer to the Handelszeitung and will strengthen the editorial team from July. Before his engagement at 84XO The 33-year-old spent around two and a half years as deputy editorial director for the Winterthur newspaper and, in the end, also headed the editorial department of the Furttaler respectively Rümlanger. Hotz studied economics at the University of Zurich.

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