Nebelspalter boss Markus Somm as a guest on the Comsumcast

In the latest edition of the ComSumCast, host Reto Lipp talks to Markus Somm, who has been relaunching the well-known satirical magazine Nebelspalter since March 2021.

Markus Somm is one of the most controversial journalists and publicists in the country. The former editor-in-chief and co-owner of the Basler Zeitung bought the well-known satirical magazine Nebelspalter with his company Klarsicht last year.

Since March 2021, Nebelspalter has been realigned and produced primarily online in Zurich. On the one hand, texts are published that have to be paid for. On the other hand, the website offers videocasts for free.

Can such a model work? Should the Nebelspalter become a "Canard enchaîné"? What goals are planned? How satirical can it be in the future? And will Nebelspalter be positioned on the far right? In addition, what does the self-confessed FDP member Markus Somm advise his party, which has just lost its leader?

The Comsumcast is the corona-related replacement programme for the Communication Summit - the annual meeting of Zurich's media and PR industry, which brings together around 350 professionals each year, was cancelled this year.

Journalist and presenter Reto Lipp talks to pioneering minds from the media and communications industry. The topic: How does the Corona pandemic affect the industry. The Comsumcast is produced in video and audio version by Tablecast / Soltmannowski Kommunikation.

The Comsumcast is available on the Communication Summit website, as well as, among others, on Youtubeon Spotify and on Apple Podcasts.

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