National Council stops new attempt to promote the media

A good three months after the electorate's "no" to expanded media subsidies, the National Council does not want a new attempt with a "light" bill. The majority of the preliminary committee would have liked to implement undisputed parts of the media promotion package separately, but did not receive a majority.

MedienförderungIn particular, it should have been about supporting education and training institutions, news agencies such as Keystone-SDA and self-regulatory organizations, as well as IT investments. In addition, the share of levies in favor of private radio and TV stations should have been increased.

This was proposed by the Commission for Transport and Telecommunications of the National Council (KVF-N) with a parliamentary initiative. It was about the expansion of proven measures, said spokesman Philipp Kutter (center/ZH). But the Council said on Thursday with a narrow majority no, with 92 to 87 votes and six abstentions.

The additional support for the media system from reception fees had failed at the ballot box in February - as an uncontroversial part of a heavily criticized bill. Up to 23 million francs more than the current 5 million francs should have been allocated, among other things for training and continuing education, news agencies such as Keystone-SDA, media IT projects and the Press Council.

The minority led by Gregor Rutz (SVP/ZH) thus prevailed. Many reasons had led to the rejection of media funding, and younger people in particular had voted no, said Rutz. The media are important for the functioning of democracy, but it is just as important in a democracy to accept the results of votes.

Spokesman Kutter argued that the Commission was taking account of the "No" vote in the referendum by dispensing with the controversial points from the media package. The expected federal government's outline of future media subsidies will not resolve the political differences.

With the National Council's No vote, the initiative is off the table. (SDA)

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