Report from Xeit: Instagram and TikTok most popular with Gen Z

The latest GenZ Report from Xeit provides insights into the behavior and preferences of Generation Z in terms of smartphone use, online activities and more. The TikTok and Instagram platforms are particularly popular.

The GenZ Report 2023 is based on the evaluation of the effective cell phone usage activities of Swiss teenagers and young adults. By analyzing the digital habits of this generation, it was possible to identify trends and developments that can be of great importance to marketers and communications professionals.

The report provides answers to various questions. Which platforms does Gen Z use most frequently? Which social media apps do they prefer? And what significance does e-mail communication have for this generation?

Social media high on the agenda for young people

One of the key aspects of the report is the finding that young people spend a lot of time with their favorite device. On average, it's around 4 hours 45 minutes per day. 54 percent of this total smartphone usage time per week is spent by Gen Z on social media platforms. Instagram and TikTok are the most popular.

(Graphic: Xeit)

Online gaming on the rise

In addition to social media, Gen Z is increasingly using online games as a popular form of leisure. The study also shows that teenagers and young adults will be online almost constantly in 2023. This underscores the importance of a strong digital presence for companies to connect with Generation Z.

The GenZ Report 2023 is available as a PDF document and provides a comprehensive overview of the key findings and trends. Marketers, communications professionals and companies can benefit from the detailed information to successfully adapt their strategies and effectively reach their target audiences.

Based on screenshots of their actual cell phone usage statistics of participants aged 13-23, Xeit evaluated screen time and real smartphone usage. The screenshots of usage activities regularly sent in by the study participants each show the average weekly screen time and usage time of various apps, over a total period of four weeks. The Xeit agency conducts this study through since 2020.

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