Openframe launches new advertising format "Full-Video Welcome Ad

Together with the agency PHD, Openframe realizes the implementation of a new video advertising format for the client Red Bull. The performance convinces customer and agency.

For the current Red Bull campaign, Openframe has expanded the display format "Welcome Ad", which already exists in the Swiss advertising market, with a full video variant. The format is intended to meet the growing demands for more expressive options from agencies and advertisers, as the agency writes in a statement. There is an increased demand for video formats that can be embedded in common formats.

The high full-video resolution, exclusivity in the broadcast of the advertising medium, and the possibility of playing out the campaign on all devices are important components. In addition, the large-format ad performs above average with high viewability and good click rates.

"It's great to see that customers continue to be interested in creating new advertising formats and trying out new things together with agencies. The Welcome Ad, with the video feature, once again shows the evolution in digital advertising," said a delighted Oliver Anderegg, CEO of Openframe. "Seeing that a new advertising format works shows us that we are on the right track."

The new format was at Doodle placed.

Implementation: Jonathan Zuercher (Advertising Manager, Red Bull); Simone Buff (Digital Director, PHD); Luca Maier (Head of Sales TXMA / Doodle, Goldbach); Oliver Anderegg (Owner Openframe).

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