Podcast from Graubünden Ferien takes listeners on a journey

Graubünden Ferien is publishing a podcast for the first time with "Neben der Spur".

The premiere centers on a rail journey. The listeners experience an exciting vacation week in the Bergün Filisur region. Not even the podcast producer herself knew what to expect.

How does someone from the big city, who has been around a lot, experience the mountain world? The former radio presenter Andrea Blatter dares to experiment and visits the Bergün Filisur region on behalf of Graubünden Ferien. During one week, the 29-year-old Zurich native gets to know the country and its people. She never knows in advance exactly who or what she will meet; every day holds a new surprise.

Andrea Blatter meets people in the vacation region who give her an understanding of life and work on and off the Unesco World Heritage route and make her forget all the metropolises of this world. In return, she gets to places that let her try something completely new. Too much of the itinerary is not revealed, but of course the most famous structure of the Rhaetian Railway, the Landwasser Viaduct, plays an important role.

But what is "patgific" all about? This Rhaeto-Romanic word, which translates as leisurely or unhurried, comes up again and again during the week. The podcast traveler learns firsthand that the Graubünden lifestyle described by this word is not a marketing gag, but a reality for all those who want to take their time and slow down. The author gives personal tips for reliving the experience. The most important thing is that it is worth leaving one's own track here and there.

The five-part podcast "Beside the Track" by Graubünden Ferien in collaboration with the Bergün Filisur vacation region and the Rhaetian Railway is available on all popular podcast platforms. At graubuenden.ch/podcast are also described the locations of the trip.

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