Energy St. Gallen is on air - fifth Swiss radio of the network

At 5 a.m. on Friday morning, May 13, 2022, morning show host Aline Rutishauser greeted St. Gallen listeners for the first time from the pop-up radio studio on Spisergasse.

Energy St. Gallen ist on air
Pop-up location on St. Gallen's Spisergasse.

With 738,000 listeners daily, Energy is one of the largest private radio networks in Switzerland. Following Energy Zurich, Energy Bern, Energy Basel and Energy Lucerne, Energy St. Gallen is the fifth Energy radio station to be successfully launched in German-speaking Switzerland.

One of the live guests at the premiere of "Energy Mein Morgen" was FC St. Gallen President Matthias Hüppi. Energy St. Gallen is the new strong partner of FC St. Gallen and is looking forward to the cup final with great anticipation. In addition, there were circuits to the Appenzell ESC finalist Marius Bear - and also the first Energy Live Session in St. Gallen with Michael Patrick Kelly was announced ceremoniously.

The pop-up radio studio is centrally located in the middle of St. Gallen's old town at Spisergasse 12. Morning show host Aline Rutishauser is relieved: "The start of broadcasting has been more than successful, and the intensive preparations over the last few weeks have paid off. I was very nervous, but am now all the happier that we mastered the baptism of fire and birth of the new baby so well. The team performance was simply great."

Partnership with FC St. Gallen

Matthias Hüppi, president of FC St. Gallen, was the first live guest. He is also enthusiastic: "I think it's great that eastern Switzerland has a new radio station. Energy certainly brings a breath of fresh air to the region. And we have a new strong partner in Energy St. Gallen, with whom we can anchor our two brands in the region and reach new target groups." Energy was able to enter into a strategic partnership with FC St. Gallen in recent weeks. The cooperation includes various program integrations around on-air formats, editorial reporting and live soccer broadcasts, but also more extensive activities around events and partnerships.

Next week, many other regional personalities will also be live guests at Spisergasse 12: presenter Gülsha, entrepreneur Hausi Leutenegger, city president Maria Pappa or musician Joya Marleen. Her song "Nightmare" was also the first song to be heard on Energy St. Gallen.

True to the motto "Voll bi dir", the people of St. Gallen were made aware of the start of broadcasting with a chalk guerrilla campaign. In addition, Enegy St. Gallen honored the FC St. Gallen soccer heroes even before the big final with "Zigistrasse" or "Görtlergasse" and many other new street names, which can currently be seen throughout the city of St. Gallen.

The new radio station can be received via DAB+ throughout eastern Switzerland and worldwide via the Energy app and website.

Morning show host Aline Rutishauser.
Chalk action for the launch.

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