MAZ and ZHAW introduce new CAS Innovation in Journalism

The MAZ - The Swiss School of Journalism and the Institute of Applied Media Studies IAM at the ZHAW will be offering the new CAS Innovation in Journalism from September 2021. The CAS is designed to help journalists systematise their knowledge and skills and prepare them for the digital transformation on a part-time basis.


Presenting the new CAS Innovation in Journalism: The two co-directors of studies Vinzenz Wyss and Frank Hänecke (from left to right).

The IAM and the MAZ have jointly developed the new CAS Innovation in Journalism. The MAZ in Lucerne is responsible for the implementation and the majority of the course days will also take place there. The IAM is to ensure the quality of the new offer with its professional, scientific and didactic expertise and is responsible for compliance with the requirements for a university degree.

For both, it is clear that journalism has changed fundamentally and that the change is continuing. Those who work in this volatile professional field must question routines and attitudes and acquire new skills, write the IAM and the MAZ in a joint statement. "Innovative technologies for information procurement, processing and production, as well as for the organisation and distribution of work, only unfold their meaning in social practice. It is therefore high time that vocational training, together with experienced journalists, addresses the professionalisation of these practices," explains Vinzenz Wyss, Professor of Journalism at the IAM and co-director of the new CAS.


Journalistic profile of a comprehensive MAS programme

"The CAS Innovation in Journalism combines practical knowledge with innovation skills and offers journalists a Swiss university qualification for contemporary professional mobility," Frank Hänecke, MAZ director of studies and co-director of the new continuing education programme, is quoted as saying in the press release. The CAS allows modern journalism to be supplemented and deepened at Master's level, and is recognised as part of the IAM's MAS in Communication Management and Leadership. This MAS is geared towards all fields of activity in media-mediated communication, in particular organisational communication and journalism.


Digital research tools, community management, algorithmic journalism

The part-time CAS takes up current developments in professional journalism and teaches related skills. These include topic identification, research and preparation of topics in a digital environment, new possibilities of communication and interaction as well as reflection and orientation knowledge against the background of the ongoing digital transformation. The technical framework conditions, the latest results from media usage research and scientific findings on new job profiles and roles are also addressed.

The CAS requires at least two years of qualified professional experience in journalism and the completion of basic training in journalism - such as the MAZ Diploma in Journalism or the Bachelor of Communication from the IAM - or from another institution of higher education (university, university of applied sciences). Practitioners with comparable additional professional skills can also be accepted "sur dossier". A minimum of five years' professional experience is required for the CAS to be upgraded to an MAS.

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