Swiss publishing houses publish their visibility values for the first time

At the end of last year, the alliance between IAB Switzerland and the advertising client association SWA was announced regarding a transparency initiative in the digital advertising market. In the second step, the viewability rates of digital advertising impressions for the first quarter of 2020 will now be published for the first time.

The visibility of advertising media regularly leads to discussions between advertisers, agencies and publishers. Particularly problematic are different measurement methods, which change the figures in each case and thus offer little transparency and comparability.

The Swiss associations, together with the media houses and marketers, have therefore decided to increase transparency in the process and to publish the visibility values for all advertising media from this year. The standard for measurement is the 50/1 value of the international IAB, which means that 50 percent of the advertising medium must be in the visible area for at least one second.

As announced, Admeira, Goldbach/TX Markets, Audienzz, Romandie Network and Watson are now announcing the viewability figures for advertising impressions for the first quarter of 2020 for the first time:

  • Visibility reaches an average value of 71.1% for desktop display ads.
  • In mobile display advertising, the average value is 61.2%.
  • Overall, the visibility of the displayed advertising media reached a value of 65.1% in the first quarter.

The measurement is based on 4.4 billion ad impressions and was made with the following tools:

  • Admeira: Xandr and Google Ad Manager
  • Goldbach / TX Markets: Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Google Ad Manager
  • Audienzz: Xandr
  • Romandie Network: Smart Adserver
  • Watson: Google Ad Manager

Roland Ehrler, Director of SWA, is pleased with the figures: "It is important that we now have a regular 'pulse check' and - as is already customary in other countries - can now see on a quarterly basis how the visibility rates are developing, with the clear expectation that they will continue to improve successively. Compared to other European countries, we are slightly above average in Q1. However, we also see that a country like Austria is still 14% achieving higher viewability rates."

Publication will be on a quarterly basis in the future. It will certainly be interesting to see how the figures develop in the next quarter under the influence of the Corona crisis.


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