Newspaper workers threatened with dismissal file claims

The Syndicom trade union has submitted demands on the impending job cuts on behalf of the people who distribute Zentralschweiz am Sonntag. It says that Presto Presse-Vertriebs AG must engage in serious dialogue with those affected so that cases of hardship can be avoided.


Just under four weeks ago, the publishing house CH Media announced that it would be discontinuing the Sunday paper Zentralschweiz am Sonntag at the end of June. ( reported). This decision has far-reaching, in part existential consequences for newspaper publishers, the Syndicom union announced on Saturday.

According to the union, around 600 people distribute newspapers on Sundays, 400 of whom face redundancy as a result of the closure of the Central Switzerland Sunday newspaper. Around 200 people would still be needed to distribute other newspapers, said David Roth, central secretary of Syndicom, when asked by the Keystone-SDA news agency.

As part of the consultation process, ideas were developed by the newspaper publishers as to how people could continue to be employed and how the mass redundancies could be cushioned. These demands were submitted to Presto Presse-Vertriebs AG in Emmenbrücke on Saturday morning. Presto is a subsidiary of Swiss Post.

According to Roth, one of the demands is that newspaper workers who are hit particularly hard by a layoff should continue to be employed. At best, they should receive compensation or continued payment of wages. Also, the Sunday tours, which are particularly attractive because of the surcharges, could be distributed among the carriers on an alternating basis.

The people who distribute newspapers to households work in the low-wage sector in partly precarious employment conditions, Syndicom reported. Some of them also have another job, but are dependent on the second job. (SDA)

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