Dispute between Tamedia and unions: Arbitration court decides on social plan at Le Matin

A court of arbitration will decide on the social plan for the 41 people who were laid off when the print version of the French-speaking Swiss newspaper Le Matin was discontinued. 


After months of blockade, the publisher Tamedia and the unions Impressum and Syndicom have reached an agreement on the modalities, as they announced in a joint communiqué on Wednesday. A framework has been defined so that the process can move forward and a quick success can be achieved for the people affected, it said. 

After the exit of Le Matin in July, the employees and the publishing house were unable to agree on a social plan. The Code of Obligations (Article 335j) then provides for the appointment of an arbitration court to decide on a binding and effective social plan, explained lawyer Michel Chavanne, who represents the interests of the employees, to the Keystone-SDA agency.

This tribunal will consist of three persons. Each party - employer and employee - will appoint one person, and these two "arbitrators" will jointly select the third member who will chair the panel. Subsequently, there will be an exchange of documents and possibly hearings. "Our hope is to reach a result within about six months," Chavanne continued. (SDA)

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