Partly because of Brexit: Tyler Brûlé is expanding its base in Zurich

Media entrepreneur Tyler Brûlé is stepping up his business activities in Switzerland. This is what the Handelszeitung writes in its current issue.


In a first step, the publisher of the magazine wants to Monocle will double its editorial staff in Zurich from three to six. Brûlé is also planning to move into new premises in Zurich's Seefeld district in spring 2018. "At this location, in addition to the print editorial office, a radio studio and a shop are also planned," says Brûlé.

It is not least the Brexit that is causing him to apply a kind of "re-focus" to Switzerland, says Brûlé. London will always remain a global city, believes the Canadian-born entrepreneur, "but it is to be feared that purchasing power will dwindle there. Not so in Switzerland, "where our most important advertising market is located." Brûlé also runs a unit of his communications agency Winkreative in Zurich.

Brûlé has a reputation as the "Swissness style pope", which stems from his involvement with the airline Swiss when it was founded 15 years ago. According to his own statement, 150 employees work for his magazine "Monocle" worldwide today.

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