No Billag initiative has come to fruition

The electorate will be able to decide on Billag fees. The popular initiative "Yes to the abolition of radio and television fees (abolition of Billag fees)" has been formally passed.

The Federal Chancellery announced on Friday that an examination of the signature lists showed that 112,191 of a total of 112,876 signatures submitted were valid. According to the initiators, the federal government should not be allowed to operate its own radio and television stations in peacetime, nor should it be allowed to subsidize them. Instead, concessions should be regularly auctioned off to private parties. The petition is backed by representatives of the Young SVP and the Young Freedom Party. This is already the second popular initiative calling for the abolition of reception fees. However, the initiative "Radio and television - without Billag" had not come to fruition. (SDA)

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