Observer Nature becomes a supplement again

Since 2010, Beobachter Natur has been published as a stand-alone publication - but that's over now: the magazine will once again become an Beobachter supplement. Nine employees lose their jobs.

Beobachter Natur, originally launched in 2009 as an editorial supplement to Beobachter, has been published as an independent magazine since 2010. As of June 2015, the title will once again appear only as a supplement. The reason: the product was not well received in the subscriber market and did not achieve the targets set. "Despite great success in the advertising market, circulation revenues fell short of expectations," Roland Wahrenberger, managing director of publishing Beobachter, told The flattening of the sustainability movement at the time (LOHAS, Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) and the monthly publication frequency had made it increasingly difficult to establish the magazine with subscribers.

According to Wahrenberger, job cuts are "unfortunately unavoidable. In concrete terms, this means that a total of nine editorial, layout and production jobs will be affected by the change. Exactly what the future publication will look like is still open: "The definitive insert concept has not yet been drawn up," says Wahrenberger. The quarterly publication will be affiliated with the Extra editorial team and will be "somewhat reduced in size. (hae)

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