Brandpulse: Comprehensive rebranding for Novissa

Brandpulse developed the brand strategy, brand positioning and brand image for Novissa. The company no longer wants to sell only through retailers, but also directly.

Novissa's high-quality household appliances, such as the Kitchenaid brand, are a household name for consumers worldwide and stand for quality, functionality and the joy of cooking. The Novissa range includes everything for the modern household, from designer kettles and high-quality food processors to multifunctional grills.

Novissa no longer wants to sell its products only through retailers - instead, the company is becoming a retail provider itself and is launching a revamped online store. Brandpulse conducts a change process with Novissa and develops the new brand strategy in workshops: Novissa is positioned as an authentic and trustworthy Swiss premium platform for indoor and outdoor cooking, whose expertise is expressed to the end customer in a new brand design with a modern logo and corresponding imagery. The revitalized brand not only stands for expertise, but also for advice and service. The brand embodies a passion for healthy and enjoyable cooking while maintaining high quality and sustainability.

Basic concept for the website

Brandpulse also develops the brand communication concept, which focuses on expertise and addresses end customers in a direct, friendly way. With the development of the basic concept for the website, Brandpulse translates the brand into the digital space and defines a style guide for the web based on this. Brandpulse also designed the basic concept for the Novissa webshop and developed a concept for the trade fair stand: this took up the idea of the kitchen as a place to come together, staged the trade fair stand as a long kitchen table and worked - as defined in the color concept of the brand design - with materials and colors that support the community idea and the attitude to life of the "Gathering".

Collaboration with chefs

In order to stage the brand in a sustainable way, brand activation measures are aimed at partnerships with top chefs as well as collaborations with selected retailers, cooking events and cooperation with leading cooking bloggers and influencers from the gastronomy scene. Sponsorships for cooking events, giveaways from the cooking sector and product demonstrations are planned to show how Novissa products make work easier and the result better. With measures such as these, the brand is emphasizing its great strength in the service sector. A Novissa film produced by Brandpulse shows how the brand is redefining itself.

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