Evoq revamps website and brand for Egovpartner

For Egovpartner, the collaboration organization in the field of digital administration in the canton of Zurich, the Evoq agency developed the new website and gave the brand presence a modern touch.

The focus of the relaunch of Egovpartner.ch is quick access to relevant information to support the municipalities, cities and the canton in their commitment to digital public service. Thus, the new website is entirely at the service of its network partners and the professional audience, who are informed about ongoing and completed projects, the range of consulting services and the next events of Egovpartner.

A wide range of functions is intended to enable targeted use: Forms for project entries and event registrations, filter options, a newsletter connection and a protected member area are intended to make work easier for users. Great importance is attached to accessibility, which corresponds to the current standards in terms of structural and technical structure as well as screen design.

A brand presence tailored to the digital offering

As part of the website redesign, Evoq is also modernizing Egovpartner's visual identity. The impact and responsiveness of the logo and colors are optimized for digital channels, are intended to give the overall appearance a new liveliness and freshness, and express the organization's unconventional way of working. The mission "Together for digital service public" is brought to life via independent illustrations and the recognizability is strengthened by a visual language with iconographic elements.

The clear design principles enable consistent and efficient implementation of communication across all channels. In doing so, Egovpartner continues to rely on Evoq's advice and support.

Customer: Egovpartner, State Chancellery of the Canton of Zurich. Responsible at Evoq: Dominique Haussener (Client Management and Consulting), Dominique Haussener, Giannina Binder (Website Concept), Markus Wohlhüter (Head of Design), Corinne Brunner (Senior Design), Marcel Marty, Giannina Binder (Programming).

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