Content marketing 2023: A sustainable triumphant march?

Content marketing in Switzerland is a success story - this is one of the core statements of the ZHAW Content Marketing Study, which is examining its distribution and use in Switzerland for the third time.

Currently, 66 percent of the companies surveyed rely on content marketing, as the study shows ( reported). And the majority of those who are not yet using content marketing are at least planning to do so. By way of comparison: two years ago, around half of all participating companies stated that they were using content marketing - so a clear trend is emerging.

The content marketing study was conducted by the ZHAW School of Management and Law on behalf of Watson and AZ Konzept for the third time. In December 2022, around 680 Swiss companies of various sizes were surveyed by online questionnaire.

For those interested there is a 25-minute orientation to the current study. The study itself is available in full length as PDF download.

Adis Merdzanovic (right) in conversation with Thomas Müller, Tarkan Özküp and Adrienne Suvada (from left to right).

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