With its own product: Tal-Kosmetik now focuses on Gen Z

Together with Tings and Ese Agency, the family-owned company Tal launches a product for young people - complete with cheeky slogans and Tiktok campaign.

With sustainable care ingredients and the slogans "I care," "Take care," and "I don't care," the Tal care brand now wants to score points with Gen Z. To this end, the company has worked closely with agencies Tings and Ese to develop a limited-edition hand cream series for young people between the ages of 13 and 28. The product is "Instagrammable," says Tings project manager Chiara Temmel. It also features provocative slogans and a fresh product design. Swiss Comedy Award winner Reena Krishnaraja was also involved: "Young people want to be entertained. Humorous campaigns and products are therefore very popular." To launch the new line, Tings implemented a Tiktok campaign and also involved suitable influencers.

Tal is a family-run cosmetics brand from Graubünden that has stood for high-quality skin care products with scientifically proven efficacy for 48 years. "We want to keep our finger on the pulse, because our range should also appeal to younger generations," says Oliver Lüscher, a member of the Parsenn Group's management. The hand cream is available in the online store.

Responsible at Parsenn Products: Oliver Lüscher (Managing Director), Madleina Granzotto (CEO Assistant), Daniel Jäggin (Graphics / Web Design). Responsible at Ese Agency: Albena Horozova (Project Manager), Emanuel Ernst (Creative Director, Founder). Responsible at Tings: Chiara Temmel (Project Manager), Reena Krishnaraja (Author), Jenny Kitzka (Campaign Manager TikTok), Hera Zimmermann (Managing Director, Founder).

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