Ruf Lanz wins mandate for "Safe at Home" from BFU

The BFU prevention campaign for more safety at home will start nationwide in spring 2023. Ruf Lanz was able to secure the mandate and will implement the campaign.

A small foretaste of Ruf Lanz's upcoming campaign for BFU. (Image: zVg.)

At 42 percent, falls are the most common cause of accidents in the home and leisure sector. Every year, around 125,000 people are injured in falls in private homes. For example, caused by tripping hazards such as toys, shoes or cables lying around, or by falling down stairs.

The fact that accident risks can also be prevented at home by simple tips and that the AAIB has this knowledge at its disposal is still too little known. For this reason, the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention is launching a large-scale campaign in all parts of the country. Ruf Lanz has been awarded the contract for this.

"Ruf Lanz presented us with several concepts that amazingly summed up the findings of our accident research," said Marianne Sterchi, campaign manager at BFU. "Together, the choice fell on the concept: large-scale search for serial offenders who cause mischief at home."

The "Safe at Home" campaign will be implemented in film and static form over the next few months and will be present in the public eye for three years. The launch is scheduled for spring 2023.

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