Sir Mary has new Littlehipstar in the portfolio

The German baby and children's online store Littlehipstar relies on Sir Mary for content and performance marketing.


The baby and children's online store sector is a highly competitive market. In recent years, online stores for children have sprung up like mushrooms, especially in the DACH region. One of the first online stores to specialize in sustainable items is Littlehipstar. Headquartered in Munich, the store has developed into one of the biggest players in the German-speaking world over the last five years.

"Littlehipstar has big growth targets. The end-of-year business around Black Friday and Christmas is therefore extremely important. It is well known that the highest turnover is generated during this time, so buying advertising space is in high demand and drives up the price," explains Fabian Habisreutinger, Director Media and Partner at Sir Mary. "To generate new customers in this market situation, Sir Mary has worked closely with Littlehipstar to develop a Germany-wide performance marketing campaign based on a personalized content strategy."

Based on the assumption that very few prospecting users make an impulse purchase, email addresses were generated via paid media. The user was not addressed with product communication, as is usual in online stores, but was enticed to enter their email address using predefined content pieces. In the next step, the emails were used for predefined 1:1 communication in order to convert the prospecting user into a new customer. "The result of the strategy is over 18,600 generated leads with a positive return on advertising spend of 240%. We are very pleased about this, as we did not rely on direct price or product communication as usual, but on targeted control of relevant content via Instagram and Facebook, and this obviously made the difference," says Adrian Vogel, CTO of Littlehipstar.

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