Admire, Tend and B-VR Switzerland snatch the Real Estate Award 2021

The trio commissioned to market the BäreTower, consisting of Admire, Tend, and B-VR Switzerland, was able to secure the Real Estate Award 2021 for the digital real estate project.

The trio wanted to set a milestone in digital marketing for the project right from the start, according to a joint statement. Resource-saving measures were preferred and all processes were digitalized. The created Project website included a variety of features and integrated tools designed to provide a unique experience for prospects from initial contact through the submission of their application.

In the navigator, the user has the possibility to examine the sun position of his future apartment as well as the view by day and night, to furnish his new apartment directly or even to start a 360-degree tour. In the booking tool, a virtual or real tour can simply be booked, the application is done with a few clicks via the website.

On the communication side, a lot of work was done with marketing automation so that the customer was regularly fed with information that was exciting for him. Local videos, according to the trio, also drove enormous traffic to the website, and nine months before occupancy, the tenancy rate was almost 80 percent.

Responsible at Admire: Oliver Hofer, Benjamin Thoman, Kevin Freitag, Boris Aebi, Victor Zollikofer, Melanie Hählen, Vincent Kauter. Responsible at Tend: Gabriella Acquaviva, Fabian Halter. Responsible at B-VR: Oliver Grimm. Responsible for Halter: Roberto Carusone.

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