Seed for the University of Zurich: Goodbye Homo Oeconomicus

Seed's current image film for the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich focuses on the pioneering role of the institute.

At the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich, the starting point for economic research is not the classic homo economicus, but real human behavior and real social processes. The institute compiles basic knowledge and develops measures for the benefit of politics and business - with the aim of contributing to a better world through evidence-based research.

The Department of Economics is addressing the interested public with a new film. It briefly explains who the Department of Economics is, where it comes from and what it strives for. The film focuses on the changed view of human behavior as a central piece of the puzzle of a modern economy, implemented with simple, visually powerful imagery.

Seed developed and produced the film in close collaboration with the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich. The film was directed by Max Carlo Kohal. The film will be used at events, lectures and presentations as well as on the website and in social media.

Responsible at the University of Zurich, Department of Economics: Jeannette Bours, Katrin Polzer, Victoria Watts. Responsible at Seed Audio-Visual Communication: Max Carlo Kohal (director, screenplay, editor), Andreas Szentkuti (concept), Lukas Gut, Aaron Markus Graf, Sven Probst (camera), Oliver Muff (lighting), Lea Haettenschwiler (set design), Maurizio Zulli (sound design, sound mixing), Claudio Garovi (production/recording manager), Felix Courvoisier (producer).

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