Schwyzer Kantonalbank now also publishes a sustainability report

For the first time, Schwyzer Kantonalbank is also publishing a sustainability report together with the Annual Report 2022. In it, SZKB reports on the bank's sustainability topics, their relevance and further developments.

The recently published Annual Report 2022 of SZKB contains the detailed information on the past financial year, the strategy, the risk policy and the risk management of the bank. What is new is that this year, for the first time, a sustainability report of Schwyzer Kantonalbank will be published.

Consequence of the Corporate Responsibility Initiative

The indirect counter-proposal to the corporate responsibility initiative, which failed in 2020 due to a majority vote in the Council of States, stipulated that companies with more than 500 employees and meeting other conditions must prepare a report on non-financial matters as of the 2023 financial year. This also includes SZKB.

By publishing sustainability reports, companies are to create transparency about their activities and their goals in the area of sustainability. In the reports, they have the opportunity to present and explain their impact on the environment, society and the economy.

The financial sector has a special responsibility and opportunity to shape sustainability. Through its activities, SZKB has a direct influence on sustainability in the Canton of Schwyz, among its customers and other stakeholders.

Kantonalbank has decided to publish a sustainability report for the 2022 financial year so that reference figures are already available for the 2023 financial year. In its sustainability report, it goes into greater depth on aspects relating to financing, investments, social affairs and employees, as well as operations and procurement. It also covers the topics of corporate management and governance, customer protection, access to financial services, confidentiality of customer data, data security, and local engagement.

Reports available physically and digitally

The online versions of the reports can now be downloaded from the SZKB website at and downloaded from the website. The reports are also available in all branches of the cantonal bank. In order to conserve resources, SZKB has now only sent printed versions to those individuals and institutions that explicitly requested a print version.

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