Inclusion Stories combines podcast know-how with diversity & inclusion expertise

With Inclusion Stories, Andi Wullschleger and Barbara Fry Henchoz show organizations how they can use storytelling to accompany the change to more diversity and inclusion.

"Inclusion Stories" founders Barbara Fry Henchoz and Andi Wullschleger.

As the first provider in Switzerland, Inclusion Stories combines expertise in audio and video podcast production and D&I management. Inclusion Stories aims to support organizations in positioning diversity as a strength and promoting inclusion. That's because audio and video podcasts reach people on a personal level. They touch, inspire and move - important prerequisites for the change to more diversity and inclusion.

"Audio and video formats ideally complement the content mix. They make important messages accessible by combining facts and emotions," says Barbara Fry Henchoz, Co-Founder of Inclusion Stories. "Organizations can use them to effectively support the implementation of their D&I strategy."

"We develop content in close collaboration with our customers. During content production, we make sure that the material works on different media channels - so that organizations can reach both internal and external target groups," says Co-Founder Andi Wullschleger.

Broad background

Barbara Fry Henchoz has been successfully advising leaders and organizations on communication, strategy implementation and culture change for over 25 years. Under the brand ReThinking Diversity, she supports organizations in promoting diversity and an inclusive culture.

Andreas Wullschleger was a radio editor and presenter for 10 years and built up the first journalistically managed online magazine for a leading company. With his company Ellie Media, he produces approachable, authentic and emotional podcasts, bringing people and their stories together.

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