Weko opens investigation against Swisscom Directories

The Competition Commission (Comco) has opened an investigation against Swisscom and its subsidiary Directories. The reason for this is a possible violation of the Cartel Act.

The investigation is expected to take around two years, the Weko announced on Tuesday. It said there were indications that Directories was hindering competitors and putting end customers at a disadvantage with the introduction of Swiss List products.

The investigation will now examine whether Swisscom Directories actually holds a dominant position and is abusing its position within the meaning of the Cartel Act.

Criticism of pricing policy

Directories is the publisher of the printed telephone directory and operator of the two online directory services local.ch and search.ch. In spring 2019, it launched the single product Swiss List.

With the introduction of Swiss List, Directories has fundamentally changed the price and conditions for the addition of the telephone directory entry, the Weko criticizes. Various products and services are now only offered in bundled form. According to an initial assessment, this could lead to a hindrance of competitors and to the disadvantage of the market opponent.

Swisscom Directories says it will examine the final report of the preliminary investigation in detail and submit a statement to the secretariat of the Competition Commission within the deadline. Until the investigation is completed, Swisscom Directories will not make any further statements, it says. (SDA)

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