Wirz Activation spices up with Oswald in the future

Wirz Activation, the agency within the Wirz Group that specializes in the data-driven activation of customer and brand values, has just won a new account: the company Oswald Nahrungsmittel.


By their own admission, the Steinhausen-based specialists for high-quality seasoning blends are a "Swiss insider tip since 1951," as the company's claim goes. Jörg Bewersdorff, CEO of the agency, says: "If a company has been enriching the local cuisine for almost 70 years, I personally would rather not speak of an insider tip. But even so, we will do everything we can to make the claim ad absurdum as soon as possible. For example, I would like a 'In Switzerland very much in demand since 1951' much better."

Not surprisingly, the agency will therefore be active for Oswald in the future, in addition to existing customer communications, primarily in the identification and acquisition of new customers. Initial work is currently in progress. In addition to classic mailings, the planned measures also include activities in social media and an initially regionally targeted OOH campaign in public transport.

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