Dr. Oetker Match-it-Game: Learning through play with a classic

Responsive developed an involving competition for the packaging relaunch of Dr. Oetker: In the match-it game, participants have to uncover the matching cards - the old and the new packaging - as quickly as possible, thus learning about the new packaging world in a playful way.


Probably everyone has played Memory at least once. Responsive picks up the success story of the world-famous classic game in the digital age and uses the game principle for a Online promotion from Dr. Oetker.

Learning about new packaging and products through play

The goal of the intuitive game called "Match it" is to uncover all the respective card combinations - old and new packaging - together. The faster all pairs of cards are found, the more points are awarded and the higher players climb in the ranking list. The weekly awarding of attractive prizes, together with the final draw to win a trip to Paris, motivates multiple participation.


By searching for the right combinations, consumers learn about the new packaging in a playful way and thus also find their product in the store. As a side effect, they also discover products that they may not have known before.

Sustainably recycle and evaluate participant data

Responsive is also using its proven Game Center for this promotion. This way, participant data from previous Dr. Oetker sweepstakes can be recycled in a cost-efficient way. A high registration rate for the Dr. Oetker newsletter is again expected for this promotion, as well as an increase in the number of participants in the database who already have a login for the next competition. In addition to the statistical data, the Dr. Oetker team can also print the winning letters automatically from the Game Center in order to minimize the effort involved in sending out the prizes.

Responsive has completely conceived, designed and realized the attractive online game "Match it" in-house with HTML5.

Responsible Dr. Oetker: Sarah Siegrist (Digital Media Manager). Responsible ResponsiveTuan Nguyen and Patrik Marty (both Managing Partners).

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