Friday launches Kickstarter campaign for inflatable travel bag

Friday kicks off an inflatable travel bag called Zippelin and lets the staff take the fall in person in the project film.


As with the PowerPoint alternative Prezi, where all content is on a single, virtual sheet of paper, the entire three-minute film takes place in the middle of the busy Freitag production hall. At various stations, the F-Workers - from product developers to tarp cutters and bag designers to the Freitag brothers - tell the story of how the product came to be, stage the product benefits, and showcase the bag features while tarps are taken apart and bags are cut in the background. In this way, the Kickstarter community, most of whom are at home in Asian and American metropolises and may not yet know the bag manufacturer, learns who and what Freitag is and how the recycled Freitag one-offs are made.

The analog bricolage prezi with its signature staples was made with the crew from Feit Film and director Mitch Bekk, and German Wahnsinn boiled down noises and voices from the factory with beats and sounds from the mouth of Friday Bag designer Max to create a brilliant soundtrack. More:

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