Art.I.schock dares experiment X with Festspiele Zürich

As Festspiele X, the Zurich Festival will start its last edition on Friday. After the ban on events as part of the Covid 19 measures, the program was radically changed and a digital festival was set up. The Zurich agency Art.I.schock accompanied them.


Like so many events and festivals, the Zurich Festival was well on its way when the Corona virus took over the world and triggered, among other things, the event ban. The programme was in place and the campaign and its implementation, conceived by Art.I.schock, were underway with a focus on public transport, posters and street actions.

After the lockdown, the Festspiele weighed up the options and came to the decision to launch a digital festival. With "Festspiele X" they wanted to be there for the audience especially in this time and considered the theme "intoxication of the now" as topical as never before. Art.I.schock developed and realized a digital stage on which the festival will take place over the next three weeks.

The further relaxation of the measures, which will apply from Saturday, now makes it possible to carry out smaller events at short notice in an analogous way. Both the original and the new website were designed and implemented by Art.I.schock. The Zurich agency also closely supported the Zurich Festival in the development of the digital festival, including all advertising measures with a new focus on digital formats.


Responsible at the Festival X: Alexander Keil (Managing Director); Melissa Caflisch (Communications). Responsible at Art.I.schock: Urs Akeret (consulting); Sylvia Brüggemann (concept, consulting); Lukas Koller, Linda Meli (illustration and graphics).

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