How a Swiss surgeon managed 17 million Tiktok views

"Precise and bloodless" shows a plastic surgeon a breast reduction on Tiktok - and reached unexpectedly many views. Another video is being planned.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Martina Schneider of Clinic Utoquai has scored a coup with a Tiktok video: Using a kneaded model she created herself, she demonstrates a breast reduction very precisely and without bloodshed. The video has already been viewed 17.4 million times on Tiktok.

"It is a great concern of ours to inform seriously, competently and entertainingly at the same time on social media," explains the plastic surgeon. "And since I also like to be artistic and creative, I had the idea, together with our social media expert, that we could depict the procedure of an operation in this way in a very realistic, aesthetic and at the same time bloodless way."

But she never expected the video to attract so much international attention. The clip attracted a great deal of attention in the first week after it went online, and the number of viewers skyrocketed thousands of times every day thereafter. A second video in the same style is already online, and more clips are planned.

Here go to the video.

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