This is how McDonald's and TBWA\Zurich whet the appetite for the Mc Raclette

McDonald's and TBWA\Zurich let Gen Z write a love song for the Mc Raclette on Instagram - the "Cheesiest Song Ever."

The McRaclette is popular - but always only available for a limited time. This January, Mc Donald's is giving the burger a very special comeback and dedicating its own love song to it, written by its fans themselves. Co-creation is the magic word that forms the core of the social media activation for the McRaclette. Because the lyrics of the "Cheesiest Song Ever" are written by Gen Z themselves - in the comments column of an Instagram livestream. Afterwards, Swiss rappers Drini, L Loko and Di-Meh curate the fans' lines on behalf of McDonald's and compose the "Cheesiest Song Ever."

The livestream was activated in advance via banners and social ads as well as via numerous contributions by the participating Swiss rappers and other artists, who beat the advertising drum for participation on their channels.

The release of the "Cheesiest Song Ever" is scheduled for 01/24/2013 on the Mc Donald's app and then on all major streaming platforms to help Mc Raclette gain more exposure.

Responsible at McDonald's Switzerland: Jessica Dumoulin, Morgane Zillweger, Sandrine De Cerjat, Jean-Guillaume Bertola (Marketing). Responsible at TBWA\ Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Reto Clement, Davide Schenker, Alina Biedermann (creation), Nadja Stickl, Rea Köhler (consulting), Michelle Steinauer, Andrej Perko, Margaux Bazarganpour, Andrei Oros-Stanculescu (TBWA Buzz).



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