Over 8.3 million followers: Bernese @Thispronto is the biggest Swiss TikToker

His trademark is his chopping board - an iPad - on which he originally just happened to be chopping for a challenge. With his cooking videos, 21-year-old Oluyomi Scherrer from Berne now inspires over 8 million users on the TikTok channel @Thispronto. This makes the trained chef and passionate fisherman currently the most successful TikToker in Switzerland.  


Oluyomi shares his passion under the channel @T has only been online for a year with a steadily growing audience. However, the success came so quickly that Olu has now even surpassed the previous Swiss No. 1 @noeminikita (7.3 million). His most popular video, for example, reached over 40 million clicks - including rapper Snoop Dogg, who recently shared a video of the Berner reposted on his channel.

Explaining his motivation, Oluyomi says, "My goal is to inspire people to make themselves happy through the art of cooking."

Inspired by his trip to Europe, which lasted several months, Olu decided to open his own food truck on the market square in Bern and thus stir up Swiss street food culture. To my great surprise, the videos were well received from the start and went viral so quickly that I decided to continue sharing my cooking skills with my community.

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