Uber now offers route planning with public transport in Zurich

Uber users in Zurich can now access the "Public Transportation" function in the app. This means that additional options and information are now displayed for each ride request.

In addition to the usual trip options, the fastest connections, footpaths and transfer information, as well as the estimated waiting times and prices of public transport are now also displayed for trip requests. The new route planning option uses real-time information on all streetcar, bus and S-Bahn lines and trains in the Zurich area for this purpose.

The new option joins the existing range of services such as UberX, Green or the booking of Lime e-scooters and e-bikes. With this, Uber wants to offer users* in Zurich a variety of mobility options for different needs that take into account different preferences in terms of speed, comfort, price and environmental impact, according to the statement. After London, Paris, Brussels and Lisbon, Zurich is one of the first cities in Europe where Uber offers route planning with public transport.

"Passengers need the right mobility options for each route, the right mobility mix. This inevitably includes public transport. That's why we welcome the fact that platforms like Uber are taking the first step in Zurich by including the excellent public transport service in their app and making it easily accessible to their users - especially international travelers," Ueli Stückelberger, Director of the Swiss Association of Public Transport (VöV), was quoted as saying in the press release.

Uber is thus contributing to the creation of a new, shared mobility between classic public transport and on-demand services. "The app integration is an important step towards a user-friendly and versatile urban transport system in which a suitable collaborative mobility service is available for every transport need," adds Jörg Beckmann, Vice Director at TCS and President of the Swiss Alliance for Collaborative Mobility.

The integration of public transport and micromobility services is in line with Uber's sustainability strategy. "Zurich has one of the best public transport networks in the world, which is often the fastest, cheapest and most sustainable way to get around," explains Jean-Pascal Aribot, Head of Switzerland at Uber. "With the new route planning option, we want to provide our users with a comprehensive mobility platform that complements Zurich's public transport system."

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