Glaswerk Consulting realizes new website for HEV Zürich

In 1886, the "Association of Homeowners of Zurich and Outer Communities" was founded in Zurich. 137 years later, the HEV gets a new home on the Internet. Glaswerk Consulting designed the new appearance of Switzerland's largest homeowners' association and realized it with external partners.

After more than five years, the previous website was a bit outdated, so to speak. Renovate - or demolish and build a new one? HEV Zurich decided in favor of a new replacement building and engaged Glaswerk Consulting as a strategy consultant and process facilitator. for the "new building project.

Glaswerk Consulting developed the structure and content, coordinated the deployment of the craftsmen on the site and coordinated the work. The new website now has a clear structure and a well thought-out overview and navigation of all services. There is also content to support homeowners:inside, as well as an online store for brochures, books, seminars and events. A chatbot integrated into the website answers questions and is intended to relieve staff.

The new website was developed with HubSpot and, according to Glaswerk, is a "milestone in the long-standing customer relationship that paves the way for further performance-based development."

Strategy concept, project management and content management: Glassworks Consulting. Visual design and programming: Etrex. Text Editing: Re_creation. Brand Design: Becker - Office for Brand Identity.

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