"House of Satoshi" launches crypto podcast

The storefront for "Bitcoin, Blockchain & Friends" House of Satoshi launches a podcast about Bitcoin, crypto and other blockchain-based applications. Every two weeks, fintech & crypto expert Rino Borini discusses with experts and visionaries. The format is produced by Audiokanzlei.

Since mid-September, the independent Swiss podcast on Bitcoin, Crypto & Blockchain is "on air". The format aims to convey knowledge around these topics as simply as possible and make it accessible to everyone.

Crypto and blockchain are central building blocks in the further development of the Internet - Web3. For this reason, classification and knowledge are important drivers for future growth. Switzerland is positioning itself as the "Blockchain Nation Switzerland" and has managed to create thousands of new jobs in this field and attract foreign crypto and blockchain companies. 

"We have access to proven experts and visionaries from the Swiss blockchain and financial industry and want to make their knowledge accessible to everyone in a simple way," explains Rino Borini, co-founder and host of the House of Satoshi podcast. "And we are hitting a nerve, because after three weeks - without any advertising spend - we have reached over 1000 listeners." With his guests, fintech and crypto-banking expert Borini discusses the explosive power of new technological developments from different perspectives in an unconstrained, unfiltered and uncut way. 

One of the first guests is Lucas Betschart, CEO of 21 Analytics and President of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland. Betschart has been active in the Bitcoin sector for almost ten years and is considered a profound connoisseur of the Bitcoin industry. But representatives of the traditional financial world are also among the guests. For example, Borini discussed the fascination of Bitcoin & Co. with Duri Prader, CEO of the private bank Lienhardt & Partner, and why the private bank offers its customers access to cryptos.

The podcast is produced by podcast agency Audiokanzlei at the "Home of Podcast". "The crypto & tech community is proving to be a very audio-savvy target group. The listen-through rate for the podcasts is over 90 percent," said Audiokanzlei founder Dino Giglio.

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