Sir Mary launches FTSY8 Fictional Studio

FTSY8 (pronounced Fantasy 8) is a studio for immersive spaces, avatars, virtual brands and products. And the first Swiss trademark application with trademark protection for virtual products. Although the initiators are entering new technological and legal territory, there are already cooperations with external stakeholders. 

FTSY8"The Sir Mary DNA is digital. FTSY8 is radically digital. Instead of just talking about topics like Metaverse, Web3.0 et cetera without doing, FTSY8 is trying things out and experimenting. We collaborate with various partners and brands. The learnings from this are amazing. In all areas," says Florian Beck, the initiator of FTSY8.

FTSY8 has already launched its first brand collaboration: Together with the oldest watch store in the world, Beyer Chronometrie in Zurich, an exclusive NFT watch collection was launched.

Beyer x FTSY8 Time Warp Collection 

Various creatives from different industries have created "unique models with their own interpretation and individual view of the NFT world. The result is a collectible fusion of the classic world of watches with the virtual, gaming and fashion world," continues initiator Florian Beck. 

Among others, Simon Husslein, Professor of Interior Architecture at the Geneva School of Art and Design, who has already designed watches for brands such as Braun, Nomos Glashütte and Ventura, was involved. Or Niklaus Hodel, who as  "The Shoe Guy" working for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela or Givenchy. 

Premiere in Davos

The Beyer x FTSY8 NFTs even made it to the World Economic Forum in Davos at the end of May; they were one of three Swiss cases in the House of Switzerland at a panel discussion on the topic of NFTs and Metaverse. 

The road to this point, however, was "a permanent roller coaster ride," recalls Florian Beck: "We had everything ready: the clocks were ready, the Ethereum smart contracts and our own minting page were programmed. But then we had to realize that the technical hurdles for potentially interested parties were quite high ...  at least if they weren't moving in the NFT bubble anyway." Finally, the possibility to purchase the Time Warp Collection by Beyer and FTSY8 by credit card was a remedy. According to Florian Beck, the success spoke for itself: "After seven minutes, everything was completely sold out."

Responsible at FTSY8: Florian Beck, Tino Elsener, Timon Oberholzer, Thomas Berger, Jeannine Buscher, Leo Wehrli, Mohammed Khouni, Güvener Gokce, Ricardo Diaz, Diego Garcia, Leandro di Pilla, Alberto Silva, Niklaus Hodel, Simon Husslein. Responsible at Furrer Hugi: Pascal Ihle, Alexandra Hofer. Responsible at Tokengate: Tom Rieder, Sven Michel Gurnari, Sven Schumacher. Responsible at Beyer Chronometrie: René Beyer, Philippe Meyer, Vanessa Frei.

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