Online services join forces to combat coronavirus misinformation

The major online platforms have joined forces to efficiently combat misinformation and scams surrounding the coronavirus spread. They also want to bring competent information more to the fore and disseminate important messages from health authorities, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Microsoft and LinkedIn announced.


Initially, there were no details about what the cooperation actually entailed. In the past few days, false or dubious information about the novel coronavirus had appeared on many platforms. They have already taken individual action against this and, for example, removed advertising for alleged cures.

At the same time, online criminals are targeting users with spam emails on coronavirus topics. The IT security company Eset warned that there are currently e-mails in circulation with supposed information on the coronavirus from renowned institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO), which contain a harmful PDF file as an attachment. Opening the file could infect the computer. (SDA)

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