Comella Run n' Win

Responsive, an agency specializing in high-involvement promotions, created a sweepstakes for Emmi based around the Comella chocolate drink.


People in Switzerland are busy playing games. 85 percent of all smartphone and tablet owners regularly play online and mobile games. Responsive also uses this fact for the cult drink Comella.

For the Comella Run n' Win competition, Responsive's creative workshop developed and implemented an entertaining promotion in collaboration with the Burki Scherer agency. In the game, which can be played without installation in the browser and also mobile, two funny Comella characters take the main role. The goal and the intuitive controls of the game are easy to understand. The participants should run as far as possible with their game character and skillfully avoid the obstacles. In doing so, they have various tools at their disposal, which are linked to the prize partners. Thus, the prize partners benefit not only from the integration "on-pack" and on all advertising materials, but also from a large presence in the game itself.

Aid Schoggischnauz

The tools in the game are not completely free. Participants need as many chocolate snouts as possible. Skilled players can collect them directly in the game. If you also consume Comella diligently, you will receive more chocolate puffs with each participation code on the packaging in the form of "game-in purchases", as is the case with all commercially successful mobile games. The weekly prize allocation via separate ranking list per prize package increases the incentive for multiple participation. In this way, Responsive has ensured that sales of the promotional packs are promoted and that the competition remains attractive even after the first entry.


Responsible Emmi Switzerland: Thomas Heller (Head of Marketing Switzerland), Muri Mirjam (Brand Manager). Responsible Burki Scherer: Stefano Di Giusto (Head of Customer Advisory Services, Member of the Executive Board). Responsible Responsive: Concept, web design and realization of raffle including back-end: Tuan Nguyen and Patrik Marty (both Managing Partners).

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