Ammarkt: From chaos to order with Umantis

The product portfolio of HR specialist Umantis has expanded considerably as a result of its affiliation with Abacus. The Ammarkt campaign is now drawing attention to the expanded range.

The aim of the campaign is to address serious HR topics - or problems - in a relaxed manner. The subjects and the film of the current campaign are intended to show what happens when companies do not work with the methods and programs of Umantis: There is sheer chaos. Employees take care of everything - except their work. The data is open to everyone, no one takes care of the newcomers and in time recording, fantasy prevails instead of reality. As the film shows, all this can be changed with the HR suite from Umantis.

Serious topic - humorous realization

The campaign films were shown at the Umantis-Abacus stand at the HR Festival Europe in Zurich and were reportedly well received by HR professionals. "Of course, solving HR issues requires a differentiated approach and a lot of know-how," explains Mischa Hollenstein, CSMO at Umantis. "But at the end of the day, despite all the technology and logic, it's about people. And that's what we want to show with this tongue-in-cheek campaign," adds Barbara Held, Head of Marketing. The film and the cut-downs for the individual products are primarily used at trade fairs, on digital channels and on social media.

We are HR

In recent months, Umantis has been given a complete visual makeover. Added to this were the content changes resulting from the expanded range. The teams led by Mischa Hollenstein and Barbara Held worked with Ammarkt over several weeks to develop the brand's new positioning. One of the results of this process is the new self-confident claim "We are HR", which is being introduced with this campaign.

However, Umantis also wants to continue to communicate with its new parent company Abacus in an unconventional way. "Despite our professionalism, we have retained some of the rebellious spirit that characterized our founders," Hollenstein continues. "This is also demonstrated by the jungle stand with which we caused quite a stir at the Zukunft Personal Europe trade fair in Cologne last August."

Responsible at Abacus Umantis: Mischa Hollenstein (Chief Sales & Marketing Officer), Barbara Held (Head of Marketing). Responsible at Ammarkt: Sandro Tissi (CD), Dorota Wisniewska (AD), Iris Appel (text), Patrizia Galassi (MD/project management), Valeria Di Paola (consulting). Film production: Prodigious Zurich, Susanne Baumgartner (Managing Director) Stefan Rüegg (Producer/Head of Studio), Ian Oggenfuss (Director), Matteo Attanasio (DOP/Photography), Patrick Richner (Junior Producer), Adrian Häni (Head of Factory), Alexander Fasi (Picture Editor).

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